Blog or Website

Definition of a Blog

Some people (like myself) use these terms interchangeably. While a “website” sounds more official, it is actually defined as any site on the internet having “static content” meaning it contains Web pages with fixed content, whilst a blog is your own personal contribution to the millions of websites online. The term blog is actually a blend of the words word and log, and is a type of website updated regularly with new content.

Appropriate Content for a Blog

A blog can be anything you choose. It can be random thoughts or muses on one particular subject or a catch all of anything that you (and hopefully) others will find interesting. If you have comments enabled for your blog, you give your readers a way to interact with you (whether positive or negative). That way you can tailor your future articles to suit your audience. Websites typically do not offer a comment section so there is no interaction with readers. You can however see what articles are getting the most traffic by viewing your site’s analytics.

Pay Attention to Details

Writing a whole story, article or even a book in a new style could be a big risk. What if it doesn’t work? A blog post, on the other hand, is quick to write and free to publish and if it fails, you’ve not lost much.

There are certain details however that gives your blog better “readability”. Try to avoid overly long paragraphs unless your writing style is more descriptive, and instead opt for a list with either bullet points or numbers. Choose a font style that is easier to read without too many frills. Garamond, Times New Roman and Helvetica continue to be three of the most popular fonts used for articles.

Blog or Website Content

Think of going to your favorite buffet restaurant. Perhaps you only want the salad bar – which still has a wide array of options – yet is considered salad in one way or another. Most of the time, a website follows that same idea. As a writer, your website might be about writing. Of course, there are many sub-topics that fall within that category, but mostly your articles incorporate that central theme.

With a blog, you get the salad bar plus the hot entrees and desserts. It’s a bit of this and that; whatever the blogger chooses to serve that day. It allows you to fill your plate with imaginative combinations. Blogging gives you the freedom to experiment, to try out something new.

The Best Results

To get the best results from your blog, update your articles frequently yet don’t skimp on quality content. Posting frequent articles that are sloppily written and that don’t entertain or inform your reader, will not accomplish your goal of having readers revisit your site.