Spotlight: A Wife for Humphrey by Author Christina Lorenzen

Runaway bride Danna and her handsome new husband are happily setting up a new home and business in the small town of Harmony, where only months before they’d been stranded strangers together. While unpacking boxes Danna finds the gift from Minnie she’d never remembered to open. After finding the delicate silver locket with a young soldier’s picture in it, hopeless romantic Danna has to find out who he is. Once she finds out that the soldier was the only man Minnie had ever loved and lost, she’s determined to find out if Humphrey Lewis still loves Minnie. Is there a chance for Minnie to have her happily ever after? It couldn’t hurt to check, could it? Though she should be working side by side with her sweet new husband in their soon to be opening antique shop, Danna becomes more and more invested in this decades old love story. And when she finally tracks down Humphrey, nothing, not even his disapproving grandson or a minor fall, will stop her from reuniting these two sweet people who never stopped loving one another.

A Wife for Humphrey Excerpt

Feeling the strain of lifting and moving furniture, Danna sat down on the bare floor, folding her legs Indian-style. She picked up the small package and turned it in her hands. Delicate embossed images of wedding bands covered the shiny silver paper. The off white tulle fashioned like a bow on top of the package resembled the tulle she’d used for her wedding veil last month. The delicate fabric reminded her of the gift-giver. She felt bad not to have opened it when Minnie had given it to her. Well, she thought, now in her brand new home with her dream groom seemed like the perfect time. And after she ate lunch, she supposed she could take a break and walk over to Main Street to thank Minnie. The painstaking perfection of the wrapping alone warranted a thank you in person. It seemed a shame to tear open the beautiful paper. Thinking it might be nice to save it, she peeled the wrapping away to find a black velvet box. Eager to see what was inside, she snapped it open.

A shiny heart on a silver chain rested on a black velvet cushion. Danna sucked in her breath at the way the necklace sparkled in the sunlight. She fingered the tiny filigree heart as she lifted it from its resting place. Turning it sideways, she noticed a tiny groove. It was a locket. Slipping a nail in the groove, the heart split open. A bright-eyed young man stared at her. Though the picture was dated, she could see it had been well taken care of. The pride in the young man’s face as he posed in the full grandeur of a military uniform touched her. On the opposite side of the picture, words were engraved in a flowery small script. Danna squinted, promising to double-check them later with her glasses to be sure. Still, she could make the words out.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” she read aloud. She’d heard the phrase numerous times before. She stared at the man’s picture, noting that even in the black and white photograph his eyes were light, probably a light blue, and what little of a freshly shorn head could be seen from under his cap. Unable to determine what color uniform he wore because the photo was black-and-white, she wondered what branch of the military he had served. One thing was for sure — this young man must have been Minnie’s boyfriend. Recalling Minnie’s hand in her mind, she couldn’t remember seeing a wedding band. She wondered what had happened to him. Had he come home to Harmony after serving his country? If so, why hadn’t he and Minnie married? Danna had watched several old movies with Aunt Sudie, her father’s sister. Some of the most romantic scenes were the ones where the war hero would come home and scoop his sweetheart into his arms. A wedding — or a ring at the least — was almost always guaranteed.

The rumble of her stomach made her stop and look up at the antique clock she’d hung earlier this morning. It had been two hours since Eric had left. She’d been so lost in her imagination she’d barely noticed. It was after two o’clock. She thought about the leftovers in the refrigerator. What she really needed was a change of scenery. A walk in the fresh air would do her good. She could always take a walk over to Cat’s Cafe and join Eric and the crew for some lunch. And since Doctor MacEvoy would be there, it wouldn’t hurt to ask about Minnie’s sweetheart. She snapped the locket closed, dropping it into the pocket of her jeans.

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About Author Christina Lorenzen

Author Christina LorenzenChristina started writing as a young teen, jotting stories in wire ring composition notebooks. Her first typewriter made it faster to get all those stories out of her head and down on paper. Her love of writing has sustained her through a myriad of jobs that included hairdresser, legal secretary, waitress and door-­to-door saleswoman.

Luckily for her, writing proved to be successful and a lot less walking than going door to door. “A Husband for Danna” is Christina’s first novel. She is busy working on her next. When she isn’t writing or reading, she can be found walking her dog, talking to her herd of cats and spending time with her family.

Christina’s next book, A Wife for Humphrey, was released on April 28, 2016.

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