Spotlight: Awakened Love (After the Vows Book 2) by Author Regina Tittel

A beautician never lacks for stories, but as entertaining as Tara Holden’s customers can be they can’t fulfill the emptiness she wakes to every morning. Barren and resentful, she covers her depleting joy with sarcastic humor … until an empathetic man lends an ear.

Justin Holden’s boss continually sends him on the road, adding to the complications in his troubled marriage. Desperate to hold on to the only woman he’s ever loved, he struggles against his inability to communicate what’s in his heart as a rival from the past threatens to take his place.

Awakened Love Excerpt

Tara used a cup to scoop the batter. It slid down the bag then she turned for more. She started to repeat the step of pouring when Justin jerked, causing her to miss and dump it on his foot. Her jaw dropped as she smiled and coughed, “What are you doing?”

Justin squirmed. “It’s coming out the end.”

In addition to his sock, orange cake batter trailed down the leg of his jeans. Tara laughed, unable to hold it back. Justin tossed the bag into the bowl and smiled, “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. Can I at least have a rag to clean up?”

Tara whipped around to the sink. “Here, use the dishcloth.” She tossed it his way, not realizing the tail of the cloth was soaked with water.

The cloth landed in Justin’s hand with a splat, pooling a wet circle on his jeans.

Tara’s laugh turned into a hoot. “I’m sor-sorry,” she stammered while trying to catch her breath.

“You’re such a big help.” Justin’s eyes danced with humor as he chuckled and wiped at the mess, only succeeding in smearing the batter into his jeans. “Why’d we ever stop?”

“Stop,” Tara’s grin weakened at his serious tone. “Stop what?”

“Doing stuff together.”

When she didn’t respond, he continued. “You used to be happy all the time.”

Tara rinsed the dishcloth out, stalling for time. Before the counseling session she’d inwardly fought, she wouldn’t have known how to answer. Trepidation shortened her breath. How would he take it?

Justin’s chair scraped the floor then his feet padded to the window by the door. She squeezed her eyes shut and wished she’d put the painting of the baby elsewhere. With a plea to God for help, she turned back around and took a deep breath then plunged ahead in a whisper, “You wouldn’t agree to testing.”

His silence hung in the air like a thick, overlying fog.

Mrs. Parker’s wisdom range out. They had to deal with the resentment holding them back. Tara pushed for a response. “We could’ve figured out the problem.”

Justin slowly faced her, his face drawn in fear. “But what if I was the reason? You would’ve left.”

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About Author Regina Tittel

Regina Tittel grew up outside a small rural community in S.E. Missouri with an older sister, and a younger sister and brother. With parents fully dedicated to one another and God, she describes her childhood as idyllic. With a couple dogs, a cat or two and several horses to cover their sixty acres, she was blessed with a creative atmosphere . . . but never imagined becoming a writer.

It wasn’t until after the birth of her second child that she began to devote herself to her first novel. What started as a drive in the country, spurred the makings of the first volume of The Ozark Durham Series, Abandoned Hearts.

Within the pages of inspirational fiction, Regina found the key to using her spiritual gift of exhortation. Through stories of love, suspense, and sometimes even laughter, she encourages her readers to walk closer to God by following the principles set forth in His Word.

Her second series, After the Vows, has taken on a more serious role as she deals with romances within marriages, often having to restart them for her characters. This series is sure to become a favorite with fans of women’s fiction as it touches readers where they’re at and gives them hope for tomorrow.

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