Spotlight: Bubbles and the Berry Bush by Author Shannon L. Mokry

Bubbles the bubble blowing dragon and his two young friends set out to pick berries. What they found was a lesson in disguise. A group of fairies made a mistake. They judged the friends and attacked, all without knowing who they were attacking. Bubbles saved the day by capturing the fairies in bubbles. They learned to talk to each other, apologize and forgive in a fun story sure to engage young readers.

Bubbles and the Berry Bush Excerpt

The dragon, Bubbles, for that was his name, was a bubble blowing dragon.

There were not many of those in the world.

Bubbles had heard many tales of other bubble blowing dragons–heroic tales, boring tales, scary tales–all just stories to him. Why just stories? Well, he had never met another bubble blowing dragon.

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About Author Shannon L. Mokry

Shannon L. Mokry grew up in sunny California. She now makes her home in Texas. She lives there with her husband, three daughters, two cats, one dog, and four chickens. In recent years she has taken on the role of homeschooling all three of her girls. The Bubbles stories were inspired by the stories she would tell her youngest daughter, Charlotte.

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