Spotlight: Double Pink Murder (African Violet Club Mysteries Book 4) by Author Elise M. Stone

A prophecy. A discovery. A murder.

Persuaded by a somewhat ditzy friend to attend a local psychic fair, retired librarian Lilliana Wentworth doesn’t really believe in fortunetelling. But her romance with a handsome and mysterious Scotsman has thrown her off-balance, disrupted her equilibrium, and she’s looking for guidance wherever she might find it.

When she overhears a tarot reader predict death to the young woman seated at her table, she’s not so sure consulting a psychic is a good idea. Certainly it wasn’t for the woman the reading was meant for, who flees from the room in panic.

As Lilliana attempts to comfort the distraught stranger, she feels a touch of premonition herself. She has no idea what her romantic future might be, but she’s fairly certain she’ll soon be solving another murder.

Double Pink Murder Excerpt

“Someone close to you is going to die.”

Lilliana Wentworth shivered—not entirely from the chilly temperature of the air conditioning in the large meeting room at the Posada de Vaqueros, the Inn of the Cowboys, as a circle of silence opened up around two women seated at a nearby table. Even her friend Nancy, a gregarious champagne blonde who had been nattering on about the various mediums, spirit healers, and tarot readers at the psychic fair, eventually noticed the distraction. Nancy’s voice trailed off as she realized no one else was speaking.

A psychic fair wasn’t the kind of event Lilliana usually attended, but when Nancy had seen the advertisement in the Rainbow Ranch Gazette, she’d badgered Lilliana until she finally agreed to go. After all, the hotel was an easy walk from the retirement home where both of them lived, and it was something different to do on a Saturday afternoon than the usual gossip and sitting around the pool. And, of course, tending her African violets.

Lilliana didn’t really believe in psychics. She’d spent too many years as a no-nonsense reference librarian immersed in the world of facts to believe in such foolishness. She knew the difference between fact and fiction.

And her attendance had nothing to do with her whirlwind romance with Christopher MacAlistair, the handsome and talented gentleman who had appeared last month and swept her off her feet. In the past couple of weeks, her feet had seemed to find the ground again, and she had been wondering if her involvement with Christopher had been such a wise idea. After all, how much did she really know about him?

Originally from Scotland, he’d arrived in Rainbow Ranch with a former championship barrel racer. With his Scottish burr, trim physique, and electric blue eyes, he’d had most of the women in town swooning over him, Lilliana included. No one had been more surprised than she was when he’d swooned back, despite her bony physique, gray hair, and too-large mouth.

Could one of the mystics really give her any guidance? She had her doubts. But she’d come along anyway, a tiny part of her hoping she might find the answer here.

The morbid prophecy was the last thing she’d expected at an event which usually promised wishes come true and happily-ever-afters. Apparently, it was also the last thing the woman who’d been its recipient expected as well. She rose from her chair, her face ashen, and ran from the room.

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About Author Elise M. Stone

Elise M. Stone was born and raised in New York, went to college in Michigan, lived in the Boston area for eight years, and most recently moved to sunny Tucson, Arizona, where she doesn’t have to shovel snow. Her first degree was in psychology, her second in computers. She’s worked as a pizza maker, library clerk, waitress, social worker, programmer, and data jockey.

Retired now, she spends her days doing her two favorite things: writing and reading. Agatha and Spenser, her two cats, keep her company while watching birds and lizards outside her office window.

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