Spotlight: Dragonfly Wishes by Author Penny Harmon

Callie Daniels had it all – a handsome and loyal husband – a sweet and loving son. When death comes knocking at the door twice and they are both taken from her, Callie is suddenly struggling to find a reason to continue with her own life.

During an accidental overdose, she discovers that maybe her son is not lost to her forever when she sees a vision and her journey to understand what happens after death takes top priority.

In the middle of Callie’s quest to deal with her grief, she uncovers a secret that she just can’t ignore. These secrets lead her on a journey to understanding more about life than she ever expected to know.

Dragonfly Wishes Excerpt

Sitting up to flip her pillow over, her head swam with dizziness. Startled, she tried to sit up and found herself unable to. Her limbs were jelly and she moaned. What had she done? Panic quickly set in.

The first thought was to throw up. Isn’t that what everyone did in the movies? She wasn’t sure she could even muster enough energy for that and, if she did, if it would even work. Her friend in high school had made herself throw up if she thought she ate too much. She claimed it was simply matter of not wanting to get fat. When Callie tried it, all she had done was gag.

Swinging her legs over the side of the bed, she slipped down the side of the bed, unable to stop herself from hitting the floor. The bathroom, just eight feet away, beckoned her, but she knew there was no way she would make it.

Leaning up against the side of the bed, dizzier now, she stuck her index finger down her throat. Gagging, she willed herself to throw up. She rammed her finger back down only to find the same thing happen.

Groaning, she wiped her hand on her t-shirt. When she swore it was unintelligible even to her own ears. She didn’t want her mother to find her like this. If she was going to take herself out of this world and end it, she would plan it so her mother would not have to suffer seeing her this way.

Yet, her mother would understand. Her mother knew the pain she was in. Every single second of every single day she did nothing but think of Cooper and Chris.

Cooper and Chris. She’d be with them. They would be a family again. As long as she just let herself go, she would be able to hold her son and be with her husband.

The thought soothed her and she started to close her eyes only to find a bright light in front of her. What the heck was going on? Who was in her house? Confused, she covered her eyes until she heard a voice.

“You can’t go now. You have to do stuff,” the voice whispered.

Light hurt her eyes and she whimpered.

“Mama, you can’t come with me and Daddy. You have to do stuff.”

“Coop? Cooper?” Callie cried.

“I’m here, Mama. Get the phone and call 911. You can’t come now.”

“No, Cooper. I want to be with you and Daddy. Where’s Daddy?”

“Mama, you have to get the phone. Daddy is waiting for me. Get the phone, Mama.”

As the light dimmed, she saw Cooper standing in front of her bathed in soft white light. His eyes shone brightly, his hair was neat and combed, and he looked…he looked healthy.

“Cooper, I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you, Mama. Get the phone now.”

Struggling, Callie leaned forward and struck her head on the side of the nightstand, but she was able to get the phone.

“Good job, Mama. Now dial 911,” Cooper demanded. “Do it now.”

Callie eyes squinted, trying to focus on the numbers on the phone. A shaky hand lifted and pressed 911.

She watched Cooper, standing in front of her, smiled. She missed that smile.

“911. What is your emergency?” a voice stated from the phone.

“Um…I need help,” she mumbled.

“Ma’am, I can’t understand you. Can you repeat that?”

“I need help…too many sleeping pills,” she stated.

“Ma’am, did you say sleeping pills?”

“Yes,” she whispered. Her eyes were so tired now and she tried to focus on Cooper standing in front of her, but it was as if there were two of him and she didn’t know which one was real.

“Ma’am. Can you hear me? Help is on the way, but please stay on the line,” the operator told her.

Holding the phone to her chest, she watched as Cooper gave her a thumbs up sign. Every single time he received another injection, she’d watched him do the same thing. He hated to see her worry and would act like it was no big deal.

“Mama, help is coming. I have to go now,” he smiled.

“No, Baby. Don’t go. Please stay with me,” she cried.

“No, Mama. You have stuff to do. Don’t forget. I’ll tell Daddy you said hi.”

Author’s Insight into Dragonfly Wishes

Losing a child or grandchild has always been a fear of mine.  We went through a scare with one of my granddaughter’s when the doctor’s were trying to figure out why she was so ill.   The word leukemia was brought into the discussion and, after a visit to a pediatric oncologist, leukemia was ruled out.  However, the fear stayed.  When I started writing the book, my friend Kerry would always listen to me rattle on and on about it and offered up her own advice.  Sadly, the day after I typed THE END, my friend Kerry passed away unexpectedly.  I was devastated, but can honestly say that this book helped me deal with her loss.

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About Author Penny Harmon

Penny Harmon began writing at an early age and developed a great love of words over the years. After her children were grown, she took her writing more seriously and has published in both newspapers and magazines. In January of 2016, her first novella, Complicated Inheritance, was published and she is the author of the Rocky Isle Romance Series.

Penny lives in Maine with her other-half, Dan, two grandchildren, and three cats. She enjoys spending time with all nine of her grandchildren and enjoys working on DIY projects, especially those that involve making something new out of something that should have been thrown away.

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