Spotlight: Elemental Linx (The Tetrad Prophecy Book 1) by Author R. Castro

After experiencing a tragedy too painful to accept, Viviana Magnus starts having strange dreams. In them, she’s whisked away from her cloudy Seattle home to the sun-drenched city of Tenochtitlan during the height of the Aztec Empire. She thinks it’s only an escape—a way for her mind to cope with her harsh reality—especially the parts featuring the handsome young Aztec General, Tadeo.

But when a strange, consuming fire starts building inside Viviana, she discovers her family has been keeping a dark secret. Her dreams aren’t just dreams, they’re preparation for an ancient destiny.

As the old world and the new collide, Viviana learns she is one of the four Elemental Linx, a group of powerful new era Gods and Goddesses, destined to fight a vengeful Aztec Deity bent on destroying the human race.

Elemental Linx Excerpt

“I gradually wiped the tears from my face, as my sobbing subsided. The saltiness already burned as I attempted to leave no trace of wetness behind.

I jumped with a start when a hand began gently stroking my hair.

Looking up, I encountered a pair of obsidian eyes, which held me and pulled me in.

Together, Zoe and I were immediately transported to an ocean, cool and teeming with life. Our bodies became synchronized as we swam in the depths. A huge array of sea life gave way to us as if welcoming us. Deeper and deeper we went.

Suddenly the water around us was brightly illuminated, and I looked over at my companion, startled by what was happening. There was no doubt where the bright, captivating light was coming from as my companion’s body was now engulfed in it. We continued to descend, deeper and deeper still.

I venture to take a deep breath, and at that very moment, I awoke, only to find Zoe sitting in the same place in the closet I’d seen her last.

I attempted to stand too quickly and grimaced in pain at the head rush. I thought back to my rough training with Vitale. Zoe was studying me carefully, probably wondering what was going on. And then it occurred to me, I need to figure out how to explain Krav Maga to her and Ollin.”

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About Author R. Castro

A daughter, sister, wife, and most importantly, a mother.

R. Castro clings to her unwavering faith in God, as she treks through this journey called life.

Writing has encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone, as she continues enjoying the beautiful diversity our world has to offer.

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