Spotlight: Misty Point (Misty Point Mystery Series Book 2) by Author Linda Rawlins

Still reeling from her grandmother’s death, Megan Stanford is shocked when her father, Dean, returns to Misty Manor with real estate developer, Randall Douglas. As Randall’s business partner, wife and assistant arrive shortly thereafter, it becomes clear he intends to sell his mother’s estate at all costs. When a body is found floating in the surf, Megan and her friends realize there is more at stake than the Grand Victorian. Can they work to stop a killer before it’s too late? Or will the sale of Misty Manor be the only closure in the books?

Misty Point Excerpt

Randall and I will be going to Atlantic City for the weekend.”

“Excellent,” Megan said, a feeling of relief settling inside her chest.

“But, we’ll be back Sunday afternoon,” Dean said with a scowl. “It’s very important Randall Douglas be impressed with Misty Manor, as well as the rest of town.”

Megan felt a sense of dread begin to suffocate her breathing once again. “Why is that?”

Dean shook his head and lowered his voice. “I can’t talk about anything right now. While we’re gone, I want you to get help, some local college kids or something and clean this place up. It’s a mess.”

“What should I do? Offer them hot chocolate and cookies for their labor?” Megan asked sarcastically.

“You had Marie working here when Rose was dying. Get her back. Freshen up the place. Open the windows, get rid of the dust and liven things up.”

Megan took a deep quiet breath, crossed her arms and clenched her jaw. “I came back here to take care of Grandma, not work as your servant.”

Dean grabbed and squeezed her arm. “Megan, if you screw this up for me, I swear…,” Dean turned red when Megan cut him off.

“What Dad? You’ll send me to bed without supper? Beat me?” She stared down at his hand on her arm.

Dean’s face turned an angry purple as the veins in his neck started pulsing. “You just wait and see.”

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About Author Linda Rawlins

I was a prolific reader as a child. I started by reading my grandmother’s books, written by Phyllis Whitney, Emily Loring and Victoria Holt. I had also read most of the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boy mysteries by the time I reached fifth grade and started to write my own mystery. Realizing my love for reading and writing, my fifth grade teacher allowed me to take a book, which he self-published, home to show my parents. I am sure that day was one of the most inspirational for my writing.

In addition to my studies, I continued to read as much fiction as I could through high school and won first place in a poetry contest. The novels I choose covered most genres – mystery, romance, sci-fi, horror and fantasy. In college, I studied different forms of literature, reading American Classics and English Novelists as well as majoring in PreMed. During college, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Kurt Vonnegut, Isaac Asimov and Dr. Ruth. Over the years I’ve also met many writers such as Mary Higgins Clark, Donald Bain, Diana Gabaldon and others.

I studied hard and went to Medical School. I no longer had time to read fiction, but I did have the privilege of meeting many wonderful people. Working with them, they shared many wonderful, emotional, painful and special experiences and I believe it is a combination of all these personalities which helped to make up my characters. Eventually, I was able to return to reading fiction and begin to write my own stories.

I love all my novels and each is special in a unique way. However, I read to escape and I love to go to the beach to relax, renew and reorganize. Misty Manor is my favorite as I was able to visit my favorite place each time I started writing. I hope you will too! Our days are never guaranteed. Always love one another and Happy Reading!

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