Spotlight: Pinwheels and Pearls by Author Elyse Bruce

Real life 9-year-old Jordan Pickens aka Captain Cancer Fighter talks about Relay For Life at Missy Barrett’s school, and she makes up her mind to get involved. It doesn’t take long for Missy to come up with two fundraising ideas and ways to get her family and friends to help out. “Pinwheels and Pearls” teaches children that every effort counts, and when everyone does what they can, a whole lot of good gets done!

Pinwheels and Pearls Excerpt

Missy knocked on her brother Josh’s bedroom door. She knew he was in there even though the door was closed. She could hear his trademark machine-gun burst typing through the door.

“It’s open,” Josh hollered distractedly, leaving the impression he was in the middle of playing a video game online.

Missy turned the handle quietly so as not to disturb him, and slipped into his room. Just as she thought, he was playing one of his favorite games, and from what Missy could tell, he was at a critical point. One wrong word or distracting step, and he would probably lose his concentration, and that would probably cost him the level. It might even cost him the whole game.

Waiting patiently, Missy did a visual sweep of his room. As a future private eye detective, she never passed on a chance to hone her observation skills. Even if nothing in Josh’s room had changed since the last time she was allowed in, that would be an important observation to make. But Josh being Josh, a lot had changed in his room. For one thing, he hadn’t put his folded laundry away from the previous day, and it had toppled over on his dresser.

“Okay, Missy, so what’s up?” Josh asked as he paused the game and pushed himself away from his computer desk.

Missy sat on Josh’s bed and smiled. “I need your help with the fundraising I’m doing for Relay For Life.”

“Really?” Josh replied, raising his eyebrows. Whenever Missy’s sentence began with ‘I need your help’ it almost always meant that someone was going to get talked into doing something they didn’t know they were going to do.

“Well, I talked with grandma and grandpa about the first part of my fundraising idea,” Missy shared enthusiastically, “but I didn’t talk about the second part because they don’t know how to draw like you do.”

Josh grinned.

“All right. If it’s drawing something, I can probably help,” he declared. It was a tentative agreement that depended on how much work Missy’s idea entailed.

“I need incentive. That’s what mom calls it, right? Anyway, I need incentive so people will be interested in the third part of my idea,” Missy continued explaining. “So I already talked with Roy on the phone and he said he could make the round circle things I need out of wood because he’s really good at that.”

Josh began to wonder where a garden party, wooden circles, and his artistic talents crossed paths in Missy’s mind. Maybe she was going to ask him to sketch portraits at her Pinwheels and Pearls garden party, but that didn’t explain why she needed Roy to cut out wooden circles unless they were frames for miniature portraits.

“The circles are going to be this big around,” Missy said, holding her hands in front of her so they formed a circle. “That’s a little bit smaller than my favorite apple.”

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About Author Elyse Bruce

Elyse Bruce does a lot of cool things. She is an author, artist, and musician with lots of great ideas and boat loads of energy. In her spare time, Elyse bakes chocolate chip cookies which she then generously shares with friends and family!

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