Spotlight: Reality Break (Phoenix Element Book 3) by Author Jennifer Kibble

About Phoenix Element

Think Harry Potter meets Avengers. This is a magical adventure that spans different planets, each with their own take on magic and aliens. Earth is still in the dark about how interesting the galaxy can be. And also how dangerous. Reality Break is the third book in the Phoenix Element series. Each book can be read as a standalone however book two and three are closely tied together.

About Reality Break (Phoenix Element #3)

Time is ticking to locate a means to take down Ashima, an entity from another plane of existence. Her fuel is death. Through death is power. And Ashima has her eyes on Earth. Anya isn’t ready for Earth to be exposed to magic and aliens but at this rate, she doesn’t have a say in it. What Anya can do is stop Ashima before she pulls reality apart.

Excerpt from Chapter One: A Suggestion Goes a Long Way

Kasiff takes both of my hands upon reaching me in the hedge maze. His hands are rough. “Are you sure about this? Your hands are shaking.”

“Oh, that,” I stammer. “Sorry, I was thinking about something. I’m good. We need to know. I mean, we need to at least try to figure out the vision.” My chest constricts when my thoughts go to my hands in his. I quickly focus on the task at present.

Kasiff speaks words that I cannot translate. He puts his lips to my forehead. His breath is chilled, causing goose bumps to appear on my skin. I close my eyes.

My mind is jolted backwards into a dream. It is the shared vision that I had with Taryn and Josh. The scenery around me is crumbling down. Floating down like forgotten pieces of paper. I can see Taryn longing for something. Josh is lost in a confused rage. I then spot Kasiff. He is stuck between two lives: the one stolen and the one he wants to be born into.

I walk over to Kasiff. “Are you really you? Or are just part of my vision again?”

Kasiff doesn’t answer, not at first. He looks at his hands, four of them shifting in and out of focus. “We’re supposed to live one lifetime at a time. To absorb the experience. I’ve been in this body for too long. I didn’t want to take his life as my own.”

“I know,” is all I can say.

“I want to experience life as it should be. As a Rayasha was meant to. Not with stolen lives. I never knew this child’s name. His memories have been overwritten by my own. Those that I have lived and those yet to be written.”

“We can try to help you but we need to find a way to stop Ashima. Remember? That’s why you wanted to try this? We are standing in the vision that Mycha showed me but it feels different.”

Kasiff continues, his voice an echo. “I’ve activated or rather sped up my body clock. This body will age the same as yours. I wanted to tell you before the battle at Vane but the time never seemed right. Ashima is afraid of moving forward, afraid of not having control. I was like that. It got worse when you ran away to Vane. I didn’t like how I wasn’t in control of the situation. You took the matter in your own hands, throwing speculation to the wind.”

“Why are you telling me this now? And here of all places.” I look behind me. What I knew of my vision is now gone. The sky begins to break into several pieces, allowing streaks of lightning to burst through. We stand on a small strip of land, surrounded by a colorless lake.

“Wait….wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,” I turn back to Kasiff. “Not just you and not just Ashima, it’s your species. Obsessive with being in control. As for Ashima, she wants chaos. What would a controlled chaos do to the galaxy? You would think the Rayasha would help us.”

“What if they can? In a sense? I need my books,” Kasiff demands.

“The ones on Ferrian?”


I mutter, “Cause those books that I brought back from Vane were worthless.” I feel a chill swirling around me. Icicles begin to fall from every direction. My breath quickens while I fight back terrible memories that want to surface.

The air rushes passed as I fall into a library. It is the library at Vane where I faced my uncle one on one.

“Not good! Can we change the scenery again?” I plead. “Okay, books…those books are ancient. Are you sure they are still intact?”


“We have to go back to Zerron?”


“Fantastic,” I sarcastically reply. “Back to the planet controlled by Ashima.”


I can feel another pull. The room swirls around us, shifting into something different. I close my eyes in fear of getting motion sickness.

“And blood mages?” I continue to point out the dangers of Zerron.


“And my mother? Look, I’m just making sure you weren’t talking about a different planet named Zerron. I don’t mind going to the planet of death instead of going back to Earth. Because that makes a whole lot of sense.”

“I will go alone.” I feel Kasiff’s grip loosen from my hands.

I can feel the ground shifting under my boots. “We can’t have our only Rayasha running off on his own. Besides, you want to be more human, right? And that means friends.”

“But I’m not human,” he softly says.

“Oh you know what I mean.” I open my eyes. Our foreheads are against each other’s. “Wait, when did we get back?”

“We never left.”

The hedge maze surrounds us. He’s right. We never moved physically. That doesn’t stop my heart from beating fast. Or is it beating for another reason?

“And your spell didn’t work the way you wanted it to, did it?” I finally take a few steps away from Kasiff. The ground has ceased swaying back and forth.

Kasiff’s face reddens. “It did work, at first. Then the spell backfired. I don’t know why.” he rubs his hand through his brown hair.

I pluck a leaf from Kasiff’s shoulder. “What are you doing with your body clock? Is it safe?”

“Safer than slowing it, I assure you,” Kasiff explains. “Remember when I told you that Rayasha can slow down or speed up the body clock of those they inhabit? We’re not supposed to do that. A few do it discreetly however. That’s why some age slower than others. But I digress. I slowed mine to almost a standstill on the chance that I completed my quest in finding you. I thought that seeing me as your past life remembers, that it would jog your memory. Another idea that failed.”

“And now you’ve switched it back on?”

“Yes. There is no reason to keep it slowed any longer.”

I can feel my ears growing hot. Did Kasiff lie to me about trying to tap into my vision? Was he just shy about telling me this in person?

“Well, hey, at least we get to go book hunting. Again. Right, that has to count for something? We should get a team together, just in case.”

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About Author Jennifer Kibble

Jennifer is a geek at heart. She works as a cook at a high end casino while trying to get her writing career off the ground. Jennifer has been writing off and on since the 5th grade.

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys playing video games, reading, playing D&D, and listening to music.

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