Spotlight: Snow Globe Reunion by Author Christina Lorenzen

Stranded by a snowstorm, Carrie Sanders is left holding a bag an old woman she’d been talking to left behind in the airport coffee shop. Mystified by the woman’s disappearance, she sits on the bench staring at the snow globe that was in the bag. Inside the glittery snowy world it’s Christmas during the 1940s. Fighting sleep, the next thing she knows she’s in the arms of the soldier she last saw skating on the pond in the snow globe. He’s no stranger, but the boy next door who never forgot her.

Snow Globe Reunion Excerpt

A cracking sound filled her ears. Carrie Sanders felt her bloated carry all break free from her hand. She’d been racing through the airport, weaving in and out of leisurely strolling people, desperate to make it to her boarding gate in time. The snow outside had picked up considerably. If she could just make this flight she was sure she could out run what now was being hailed as a blizzard. Forced to stop, she hurried back to where her injured carry all had surrendered, lying flat on its back, the bright purple plastic handle at its side, hinges cracked.

“Really? Are you kidding me?” She cried out to no one in particular, because, once again, she was making the trip home for the holidays by herself. After she had laid on the hype about her ‘awesome’ new boyfriend, Jay. Awesome alright. Awesome until she had asked him to come home and meet the parents. Then a string of excuses and ‘can’ts’ were followed by the typical ‘I really like you but I think we’d be better off as friends’. Sure. In her mind, Carrie crossed Jay off her list of friends. She stared incredulously at her wounded carry all.

“No way. This is not happening.” She righted the bright purple piece her mother had sent her because it was her favorite color (yes, when she was nine years old) and examined the broken hinges. She turned the plastic handle in her hand. Nope. There was no way she’d be able to fix this. She’d have to carry it by the side handle. The prospect of hauling the overweight case all the way to the boarding gate wasn’t appealing. But neither was missing her flight and having to wait around the airport for hours.

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About Author Christina Lorenzen

Author Christina LorenzenChristina started writing as a young teen, jotting stories in wire ring composition notebooks. Her first typewriter made it faster to get all those stories out of her head and down on paper. Her love of writing has sustained her through a myriad of jobs that included hairdresser, legal secretary, waitress and door-to-door saleswoman.

Luckily for her, writing proved to be successful and a lot less walking than going door to door. “A Husband for Danna” is Christina’s first novel. She is busy working on her next. When she isn’t writing or reading, she can be found walking her dog, talking to her herd of cats and spending time with her family. Christina’s books include the sequel to A Husband for Danna, A Wife for Humphrey. Her next book, Love Found in Hill Top Orchards, will release on October 1, 2016.

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