Spotlight: When Dreaming Ends (Alora Chronicles Book 3) by Author Lara Ann

This is the end. All my dreams lie broken like so many memories…

Just when Ash thought her life was perfect, things have begun to fall apart. If Wyn wants to become King, he will have to give up on a life with Ash.

A new threat comes from across the ocean, the Onvyr Elves have never held to the honour code. After years of wanting to rule Alora, will they finally gain a foothold and destroy the hard won peace Ash and Wyn have fought so hard for?
Wyn will have to face the ultimate challenge if he wants to become King. Will he have the strength he needs to fight for the throne again?

Things have never looked darker in Alora. This is the end, the final battle begins now.

When Dreaming Ends Excerpt

At last I opened my eyes to a world of grey. The arena and everyone in it had disappeared. I spun around wondering what on earth had happened. I took a step forward through the mist and things started to become clearer. I continued to walk forward until I found myself in a forest clearing. My heart leapt into my throat, Wyn was on the other side of the clearing. I ran towards him.

“Wyn! Where are we? Is the contest still going? Did I fall asleep or something?” 

Wyn didn’t turn or acknowledge me in any way. He appeared to be fixated on something. I looked down, Rothlyn was lying in the grass, a long bloody gash ran down his thigh. Red blood pumped out in a steady rhythm.

Rothlyn spoke. “Wyndelleu, please you have to help me. I need to stop the bleeding before I bleed out.”

“Why should I help you Uncle? The world would surely be a safer and better place without you in it.”

“But you’re good. You always do what is right.”

“No one is here but us, who’s to know if I leave you here to die?” Blood continued to pump from the wound and seep into the ground.

This must be the dream. Rothlyn was still in the hospital, unable to speak or walk, after his failed attempt to take over the kingdom months ago. I’d somehow entered the dream and Wyn looked to be in danger of failing the challenge already. Could I help him, or would that disqualify him? Could he even see or hear me – it appeared not.

“Wyn?” I said hesitantly. “Can you hear me?”

Wyn continued to gaze down at Rothlyn, surely he didn’t have much time left. If he left Rothlyn to bleed out, I was sure that would be the end of the challenge. Finally, Wyn sighed and knelt down beside his disgraced Uncle. He tore a wide strip of cloth from his tunic and deftly bound the wound.

The forest immediately filled with the strange grey swirling mist. When the mist receded, we were standing in the Castle. Callum stood before Wyn.

“Callum,” Wyn exclaimed happily. “For some reason I thought you were dead.”

“Of course not,” Callum smiled. “It must have been a dream. As you can see I am quite well.”

I felt a tear run down my cheek. Surely this was too cruel, how would Wyn feel when he woke from the dream and realised this had all been a lie? Maybe he wouldn’t wake, would the pleasure of being with his boyhood friend cause him to stay in the dream? I watched in horror as Callum and Wyn chatted happily. What would be asked of Wyn here?

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About Author Lara Ann

Lara is an Australian writer who writes young adult fiction. She lives in Tasmania. ​ Having moved to the island state in 2013, the stunning coastline and beautiful forests inspired her to set part of her series The Alora Chronicles here. ​ In her spare time she enjoys wandering through national parks and chasing waterfalls with her family.

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